Are HCG Injections Safe

Now since you are about to purchase a HCG injection you are wondering whether they are safe. Well, the short answer is that they are safe and I would like to further stress on the fact that they are the safest compared to HCG drops.

When you picture HCG injections you are probably picturing the conventional needle type injection. However, the actual picture is something different. The HCG injection is not similar to conventional type injections.

In fact there two types of needles in HCG needles. The first type of needle is something similar to conventional type needle and looks the same. However, they are specially designed so that even the lay man can use it for easy use.

The other type of needle is made for injection under the epidermal layer of your skin. The needle is so short that you do not have to worry about it. As shown in movies you can stab that needle literally and inject the hormone within your body.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about the usage and dosage amount as you will be guided and provided instructions from the seller. Unfortunately, not all sellers provide the information and medical support. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you buy all your HCG injections needs from Nu Image Medical.

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