Myths About HCG

We would like to discuss some myths about HCG. Due to the popularity of this diet controversies have increased greatly. Unfortunately, people to disregard HCG hormones for weight loss are generally ignorant bloggers online who have never used them . In short people spreading the negativity are critics who have never used it.

Here are some Myths about HCG hormone:

You will tend to lose weight with low calorie diet:

Yes, you will lose weight with low calorie diet. But what happens later when you have lost that weight and stopped your low calorie diet? You will start to regain all those extra fat that you have lost in low calorie diet. This is common with every diet system. In some cases you will gain more weight than lost. However, with HCG diet you will lose weight and tend not to regain them as the HCG hormone programs your brain not to accumulate unnecessary fat.

HCG hormones do not help in weight loss:

This  myth is present among the most ignorant people. Dr Simeons did a research in India on pregnant women and lean children. He found that if a person is on low calorie diet and is injected HCG hormone then that person tends to lose weight and can keep them off for their lifetime. Hope this is enough to break the myth. You can read more about it in his book Pounds and Inches.

HCG Hormones are Dangerous:

First let me tell you how HCG hormones are manufactured and extracted. HCG is present only in pregnant ladies who have conceived. Women after 11 days on conception start to produce HCG hormone. Every 45 hours the HCG level in their body doubles until they have reached the 11 week. During this period the HCG hormone is extracted from their urine. Therefore, it is pure and completely natural. Unless you are purchasing any HCG adulterated with homeopathic stuffs you need not fear.

HCG Hormones Does nothing to your Body:

As soon as you have started the HCG diet you are not allowed to exercise. Can you guess the reason? This is because that the HCG increases your metabolism to such a higher rate that increasing it further through exercise can cause harm to your body. Therefore, you can see for yourself how greatly it helps in fat burning.



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