What you Need to Know about the Phase one of HCG Program

Are you in the Beginning of your HCG Diet? Then you must be worried about the various phases involved in HCG diet. The first and the most important phase of HCG diet is Phase 1. It is also known as loading phase. The loading phase lasts for first three days of the HCG diet. As soon as you purchase a HCG drop or HCG injection you can start consuming or injecting them respectively. In this phase you are supposed to consumed high amounts of fat and protein. This will help you in the second phase which is the phase where you lose weight. This is like kick starting the HCG diet. The better you start with the first phase the better will be the weight loss. Some of the great foods to consume during the first phase is cheese, nuts and avocadoes. However, a sundae fudge or a pizza can also do. But I would strongly recommend chicken and eggs.

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