Phase 3 of HCG Diet

HCG Diet Phase 3 is the stage where many wellness and fitness experts call the maintenance phase. Indeed, this is probably one of the necessary steps in the diet while striving to lose excess weight and remain in the right shape. This is the phase where you are required to stay on the 500 calories diet, perhaps for three more days. This ensures that all traces of the HCG are completely out of your system before you begin introducing larger portions of nutrient back into your body.

As soon as the three days are up, you are required to increase of food you are taking on a daily basis, but it should not be more than 1500 calories per day. This has to be continued for the next two or three weeks. After that, you can now introduce food stuff such as dairy products and any other healthy fats back into your diet.

Protein intake is one of the critical components of phase 3. In most cases, an average person needs to consume between 70 to 90 grams of proteins per day. When moving from phase 2 to phase 3, many people are excited by the new protein choices open to them to the extent that they forget the phase 2 protein foods (such as chicken and steak), which provides them with the important protein content they need for effective weight loss. Despite the fact that there is less restriction concerning the choices of proteins you can take in phase 3, the truth of the matter is that you are required to keep a high level of protein throughout the day. An inclusion of foods such as cheese and eggs will help you along the away. Wellness experts recommend that consuming powders are safe as well. Phase 3 of HCG diet is the period where you are supposed to weigh yourself every morning, perhaps after you have emptied your bladder and any other bodily substances. Ideally, your weight should not be anything more than 2 pounds from the previous weight taken on last morning. If this happens, then it is a clear indicator that you must have had a high protein day. You need to correct this by practicing what is called a ‘Steak day.’ A steak day program consists of two eggs for breakfast, a steak or cheese for lunch, and again, eat a large steak for your dinner.


As stated in the introductory sections, phase 3 of HCG Diet is the protocol where stabilization and body maintenance is on the course. Also, this is the phase where one is free to eat whatever he or she wants, and that is why is the temptation to consume chunk foods is too powerful. In fact, if you are not careful with kind of foods you are taking, there are high chances that you will quickly gain all the weight you had just lost in the previous phases! Yes, you need to endure to the acceptable type of foods under this phase as you let your body program itself. All it takes is that you need to maintain high level of discipline in regards to your food intake.

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