The Phases of HCG Diet Explained

The HCG drops diet has been used by many people to lose weight. The HCG taken is combined with a low calorific diet. The diet is usually broken down into various phases that need to be followed for best results.

What are these phases? Read on to find out.

Before the diet

This is not an official phase but many proponents of the use of HCG drops for dieting encourage people to prepare themselves both mentally and physically. Some call it the pre phase. During this phase you will be required to do research and determine what methods you will be using.

Do you want the expensive HCG shots or do you prefer to use the best HCG drops? Where will you buy the HCG you will be using and what protocol will you follow? Answer these questions and place an order of the HCG.

You will then need to plan on how the diet will be. Think of the meals you will be having and the exercises you would like to incorporate. Look for support by joining HCG forums and gather more information about the diet.

When choosing the best HCG drops it is advisable to buy the best and opt for a provider who gives a full program instead of getting the drops from them only to be left guessing about the foods to eat and other practices recommended while on the diet.

Some people encourage people to have a cleanse during this time. Any detoxification method will work. If you would like to skip this, cutting on the processed food you eat is a good way to kick start the process.

As for mental preparation, be ready to face the challenges that the HCG diet will bring along. Prepare yourself and even think of rewards that you will give yourself for achievements made in the course of the diet.

Phase one/ Loading Phase

Though this phase was not in the original HCG weight loss diet protocol by Dr. Simeons, “Pounds and Inches.” It was introduced by Kevin Trudeau in the book titled “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About.” This phase is now included in most protocols but not all.

During the loading phase it is time to indulge yourself in all the tasty and fatty foods that you love. From cheese to burgers to fries, anything that is high in fat needs to be eaten.

During this phase you get to eat as much as you can. However remember to eat foods rich in fibre as well so as to help with digestion. This may sound as though it is contrary to what this diet stands for but it does help. It is very critical in ensuring the success of the diet program. It is however very important to remember that HCG drops must be taken during this phase.

How does it help? When a person takes the high fat and calorie packed food recommended, HCG interferes with how the body normally stores fats. It will signal the hypothalamus to start a process known as lipid mobilization. This way it is prepared for the fat burning process that follows in phase 2.`so you should not worry about that fat.

You will lose it all and a lot more by the end of the program. Other than bettering the fat burning process that follows, the loading phase has been proven to aid in reducing the hunger pangs a person feels in the week that follows. The loading phase is probably the best phase for most dieters but it is also the shortest. It only lasts two days.

Phase two/ HCG Phase

This is the phase during which you will actually lose weight. It was originally recommended that this phase should be either 26 or 43 days. However, some HCG drops diets have it for as low as 15 days or as long as 45 days.

During this phase dieters are required to take the best HCG drops as per the manufacturer instruction and combine that with a low calorie intake. The initial program and many current ones recommend that the calorie taken daily should not exceed 500.

Others however, especially for people using prescription hcg drops for weight loss are advised on the number of calories to take depending on their professions, sex, age and other considerations.

Some recommend 700 calories or 1000 calories at most. For instance a labourer will be advised to take more calories than an office worker. The low calorie diet will ensure that there is fat that accumulates. You will not be adding any more pounds and with the help of the HCG the fats already stored will be broken down.

HCG works to increase the metabolism of this stored fat and they are shed off easily. With the shedding down of fat will come weight loss. With a good diet and proper use of the best HCG drops one can expect to lose at least a pound a day. The program provided with the drops will teach you on the foods to eat and other practices.

The HCG will ensure that the body functions are still carried out optimally from the extra 1500 to 3000 calories from the burned fats. It also fights hunger pangs and fatigue. To enhance the results of this phase one should include a workout routine.

Phase three/ Stabilization phase

This is an important phase that should not be skipped. Its main aim is to ensure that the body readjusts back to its usual way of working without the HCG.

During the first two days of this phase the dieter will be required to eat the same low calorie diet they have been on but without taking the HCG drops. After this one can then go back to normal calorific intake.

However, sugar and starch are not allowed during this phase. Be sure to keep monitoring your weight throughout the 21 days this phase will go on. Remember to keep exercising as well in order to keep the weight off.

Phase 4/ Maintenance phase

This is the final phase also known as ‘the rest of your life.’ At this time the weight has stabilized. A person can now eat whatever they want but a healthy diet is advised. Remember that it is eating junk and excess food that got you to the weight you were at before you begun taking the HCG diet, so make the right choice on what you put into your mouth. You can only start another round of HCG drops if you have been in the maintenance phase for over 21days.